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Component 2 – Institutional Capacity Strengthening

Institutional and Capacity Strengthening component of the project supports the strengthening of the Department of National Community Water Supply (DNCWS) and other institutions required for the delivery of safe piped water access and sanitation to the communities.

The component will support and strengthen the following activities.

  1. Design and implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system to capture indicators of the system functionality an sustainability- including a cost-effective mobile phone monitoring system.
  2. Design and implementation of a suitable framework to support community based organizations (CBOs) in rehabilitation and replacement costs, generate incentives for CBOs to manage schemes and sanitation facilities better, and encourage a regular and reliable monitoring of scheme performance and sustainability. Further register all CBOs as legal entities
  3. Design and implementation of a systematic approach to use the M&E data to assess and enhance performance of all CBOs and operations of the water supply schemes in rural and estates sub-sectors, assuring the long term efficient functionality of the CBOs and the water supply schemes.


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